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GUADALUPE, CA., February 28, 2017 - The clean food movement is accelerating, sparked by health-conscious consumers who prefer to know exactly what is and isn't in the food they are eating. Apio, Inc., a leading producer of fresh-cut vegetables and salads for the United States and Canada under the Eat Smart brand, is at the vanguard of the movement. Eat Smart is the first brand in the non-organic salad kit and tray category to commit to clean ingredients and labeling, with plans for all products to contain a "100% Clean Label" by the end of 2018.

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The best selling brand in fresh-cut bags and trays, Eat Smart® brings novel products to market in a consumer-friendly, easy to merchandize, ready-to-use format.

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The industry leader in fresh-cut green beans, GreenLine® is known for its high quality and year-round product supply for consistent category support.

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