Trusted Worldwide

Since our beginning as a small broccoli exporter in 1995, Cal-Ex has evolved into a competitive global export company offering a wide range of the finest quality produce commodities.

From field inspection and logistics to documentation and account management, Cal-Ex provides unbeatable customer service and accountability in the execution of every detail.

Our Growers

Every grower we represent is thoroughly inspected before any contract is generated. In addition to consistent quality, other factors we that we consider include grower reputation, location, longevity, and produce availability.

Food Safety

With food safety at the forefront of the industry today, we continue our efforts to ensure satisfaction and trust in our products. Cal-Ex implements many critical components including audits, inspections, and third-party verifications to sustain that trust and we expect the same standards from our growers and suppliers. Cal-Ex pledges to provide the highest quality, freshest produce that is always safe to eat.

Proven Performance

By ocean or by air, Cal-Ex utilizes carriers that have consistently demonstrated the best service, reliability and transit times. Our large shipping volume and well-established relationships with freight carriers enable us to offer produce at the right price with delivery at the right time.

Our global logistics experience accommodates all your shipping requirements and provides customers with the assurance that orders will clear every customs requirement without delay.

Contact: Phillip Hartman

An international shipper of quality fresh fruit and vegetables, CalEx offers premium products with excellent customer service to retailers worldwide.