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Apio, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landec Corporation, which designs, develops manufactures and sells temperature-activated and other specialty polymer products for a variety of applications.

Apio’s fresh cut leadership combined with Landec’s proprietary technology positions us as a pioneer in the industry.

What is BreatheWay® Packaging?

A temperature responsive system that protects quality, taste, texture and nutritional value of vegetables and can change to compensate for fluctuations in the cold chain. BreatheWay® requires no chemicals or gases to be introduced—it is completely natural.

How does it keep vegetables fresh?

Fresh cut vegetables need to "breathe" to stay fresh. BreatheWay® provides a gateway for airflow, which creates the ideal conditions to maintain produce quality. The result is extended freshness.

While several technologies currently exist in the market designed to deliver “modified atmosphere packaging,” there are critical differences in performance. Only BreatheWay® provides improved quality at the end of shelf life resulting in decreased shrink and increased sales.

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BreatheWay Membrane Technology

BreatheWay Membrane Technology