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Our Brands

Get more information about our family of branded fresh produce products and learn more about our BreatheWay® and Clearly Fresh® packaging technologies.

Eat Smart® | GreenLine® | Breatheway® | Clearly Fresh®

The best selling brand in fresh-cut bags and trays, Eat Smart® brings novel products to market in a consumer-friendly, easy to merchandize, and ready-to-use format. Innovative tray designs and fresh approaches to on-trend vegetables and blends, make this is a consumer friendly brand that continues to offer a smart value.

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As the industry leader in fresh-cut green beans, GreenLine® is known for its broad offering of products as well as strong sales velocity. Delivering the best in fresh green beans since 1985, GreenLine® is the brand to trust to deliver year-round, delicious vegetables in a variety of consumer-friendly packages.

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BreatheWay® membranes are designed to naturally extend the shelf life of virtually any fresh product that would benefit from reduced oxygen levels and managed carbon dioxide levels. Our unique membrane solution manages all gas transfer requirements for the package, leaving more flexibility for the balance of the package to meet shipping or merchandising requirements.

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Produce storage bags designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh-from-the-market longer. Clearly Fresh® bags allow consumers' fresh produce to breathe naturally and last longer.

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