Eat Smart Merchandising

Eat Smart Merchandising

Did you know that almost 40% of U.S. consumers do not know by 4:00 PM what they will eat for dinner that night? Help shoppers find healthful answers fast with Eat Smart fresh-cut vegetables.


Creating a prominent, fresh-cut vegetable section within the produce department is a key component to driving sales. Offering Eat Smart bagged vegetables alongside tie-in items like refrigerated dressings and dips is a simple way to satisfy shopper needs for variety and convenience.

To make the most of the holidays, display Eat Smart Trays near the front of the produce section to stimulate incremental sales. Complement with signage encouraging healthful seasonal fare.

Point of Sale Materials

With increased focus on health and wellness combined with the need for convenience help shoppers “Eat Smart” by adding eye-catching channel strips or shelf talkers highlighting the color and variety of Eat Smart products.

We offer a variety of colorful channel strips specifically designed to complement each product we offer.

For more information, or to order materials for your store, please contact us at (800) 454-1355 or via e-mail at info@apioinc.com.

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