New from Apio, Inc. - Chipotle Vegetable Slaw Salad


GUADALUPE, CA— September 19, 2011


Apio, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Landec Corporation (LNDC) and a leading producer of fresh-cut vegetable products, introduces Chipotle Salad Kit, a new flavor profile to add to their successful salad kit line. Beginning September 19, 2011, this new SKU is ready to ship nationwide!


The company’s fresh-cut vegetable based salad line was first introduced to the market in Club stores with the Broccoli Salad Kit in 2005 follow by the Asian Salad Kit in 2006.  These two great salads were later introduced to the retail market in the 12oz size package in 2009. In the past year the line has seen an increase of 53.9% in volume sold and 67.1% increase in dollar sales.  This new salad capitalizes on the restaurant-based trend towards using more bold pepper flavors and the Chipotle flavor profile in particular.


“Vegetable salads offer novel alternatives to traditional leaf-based salads.” says Apio Director of Marketing Cali Tanguay. “These salad kits offer quick, easy solutions for side dishes or they can easily have a protein added to create a nutritious main dish.”


Each of the three Eat Smart salad kits feature shredded broccoli-based blends highlighted with items like carrots and cabbage. Furthermore these kits offer a great hearty salad alternative year-round and have a 16 day shelf life from the date of manufacturing.  Nutritionally dense, broccoli slaws can offer high levels of vitamin C and protein as compared to other salad alternatives. 


Apio, Inc. will be sampling the new Chipotle Salad October 15 – 16th at the PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta, GA.  Visit the Apio Booth at #1547.

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