Because food is better, fresher.


Landec's BreatheWay® packaging technology extends the shelf life of packaged fruits and vegetables naturally, to ensure high quality fresh produce reaches the consumer. Simply stated, the BreatheWay packaging technology decreases product respiration and increases product shelf life to maintain freshness and quality throughout the supply chain. By creating a beneficial atmosphere environment inside the package, we ensure freshness during transport to the retail store, at the grocery store, and at home, too.

All produce breathes – just like humans – and our technology fosters a naturally beneficial atmosphere inside your fresh produce package. The BreatheWay membranes use Landec’s patented polymer technology to passively and automatically maintain the ideal O2 and CO2 levels within a package. This provides the optimal atmosphere for specific fruits or vegetables and was developed to compensate for fluctuations in temperature along the supply chain.

Today, BreatheWay is proud to be used on over 50 million packages annually. BreatheWay technology is also licensed to Chiquita® for use with bananas, to Windset Farms® for use with their greenhouse grown peppers and cucumbers, and to Transfresh® for use on pallet-sized bags of blueberries.