Eat Smart

Eat Smart is an innovative leader in chopped salad kits and packaged fresh vegetables.


Everybody would agree that vegetables are healthy, but are they always exciting? We leverage our knowledge of the world of vegetables and other simply delicious ingredients so that we can deliver to you the meals you’ll love to crave. We promise to offer on the following:

  • Craveable, real food
  • Plant-centered, clean ingredients
  • Chef-inspired choices
  • Genius flavor combinations
  • Convenient, smart solutions

Eat Smart’s product line is diverse and expanding, with over 18 vegetable commodities comprised of 70 varieties being sourced from many geographic locations to ensure year-round supply. Eat Smart works closely with our growers, culinary teams, food scientists, and packaging engineers to develop unique product blends that deliver and preserve taste and freshness. Eat Smart continues to grow as a supplier of high quality, fresh vegetables, innovative products, and technology solutions bringing real food your table.